Eliminate the need for duplicate trade entry, reduce errors and work effort and improve control with 360T Integration.

The global financial crisis highlighted the sensitivity of interest rate risk and country risk on the foreign exchange markets. For many international companies, currency volatility can have unforeseen and negative effects on their financial statements.

Currency risk management can be extremely challenging for finance directors and treasury departments who must gather and track underlying foreign currency cash flows in various systems. Typically, solutions are spreadsheets, standalone boutique offerings or poorly-integrated SAP bolt-on solutions. Until now.

e5 Solutions Group’s suite of Liquidity, Exposure & Hedging Add-Ons to SAP Treasury & Risk Management, seamlessly offer enhancements to the powerful base of SAP’s treasury applications.

  • This e5 SAP Add-On software suite provides you with a more comprehensive – and effective – toolset that will help you:

    • Integrate currency exposures from various areas including: sales orders, balance sheets forecasts, purchase orders, and customer and vendor invoices.
    • Set hedge targets and trading limits to run exposure analytics and systemically proposed trades.
    • Automatic integration with 360T FX marketplace including outbound files to 360T for trading and inbound files for recording executed trades in SAP.
    • Automatic hedge accounting designation of FX spots and forwards to source currency exposures.
  • Why 360T Integration?

    360T Treasury Systems is a leading provider of financial marketplace services allowing companies to make quote requests for instruments such as FX spots, FX forwards, FX swaps, FX options, and time deposits. Banks then competitively bid to offer their best rates.

  • 360T help their clients with:

    • Vast list of banks with whom to trade.
    • Comprehensive list of financial instruments.
    • Proven technical architecture allowing for “straight through processing”
  • Straight Through Processing

    Straight through processing allows your organization to operate seamlessly with SAP treasury applications and the 360T marketplace. Integrated systems provide organizations:

    • More efficient and effective business process.
    • Better internal controls and policy compliance.
    • Less risk of duplication or data entry errors.
  • Managing Foreign Currency Risk

    e5 Solutions are experts in helping companies automate collection of foreign currency exposures, provide smart analytical tools to help risk managers determine what trades should be executed to protect the bottom-line.

  • Utilizing e5 Solutions services, software and 360T marketplace companies can:

    • Analyze foreign currency exposures and propose trades based upon hedging targets and limits.
    • Let banks competitively bid to fulfill FX trade requests.
    • Automatically designate FX trades to underlying exposures and provide necessary valuations and effectiveness for hedge accounting rules.