Drive additional benefits from SAP’s Cash Management (CM) application

Drive additional benefits from SAP’s Cash Management (CM) application by taking advantage of proven software from e5 that allows you to decouple the SAP cash position from relying on SAP GL balances. This allows you to easily manage cash on an available balance basis while still maintaining accurate GL balances.

e5’s Cash Management Suite5TM is comprised of eleven specific programs that enhance your use of SAP’s CM application, including:

  • e5 Bank Polling Monitor™

    This report helps you quickly and easily determine if bank statements have been successfully imported and processed in the system as expected. The monitor can filter to show current day or prior day statements, specific companies, bank account details, e5 polling groups or time intervals. The output list’s traffic light icons provide “at a glance” status indication, and the output is available in a flexible list viewer with drill-down directly from the list display to related transactions, including the bank statement display, bank statement post processing and memo records list.

  • e5 Payment Memo Engine™

    This tool reads the SAP payment programs to create cash management memo records, which helps to accurately reflect cash-in-transit for each bank account with incoming or outgoing payments. This includes not only AR, AP and Treasury payments, but also cash concentration transfers initiated by the cash manager.

  • e5 Bank Balance Analyzer™

    This report helps bank account reconcilers easily compare general ledger and bank statement balances for both external and in-house bank accounts. Additionally, it will help age unreconciled open items in bank clearing accounts by allowing you to group them in to different date-based categories such as within 30 days, 31 to 60 days, over 60 days.

  • e5 Payment Request Manager™

    This report and tool provides enhanced functionality and expanded security controls, such as multiple release levels, for external payment request processing. The e5 Payment Request Manager allows you to display, edit, release, block and reverse payment requests generated from various applications (e.g. e5, CM, TM, IHC).

  • e5 Manual Payment Requests™

    This tool provides functionality to manually create payment requests that include extended GL coding block fields such as Business Area, Internal Order, Cost Center, Profit Center, etc. The program supports freeform and vendor payments (e.g., to create urgent wires when companies can’t wait for normal invoice processing). With the freeform payment, you are able to enter the beneficiary as well as bank details directly into the payment request. Freeform payments are designed to require a release for extra security (utilizing the e5 Payment Request Manager). Vendor payment requests allow the use of an existing vendor account and bank details to quickly create a payment request. Manual Payment Requests also allows a single payment to post to multiple GL accounts.

  • e5 Repetitive Code Maintenance™

    This tool provides alternative functionality to create and maintain the recurring payment templates (repetitive codes). This includes leveraging various sources including; bank to bank transfers, business partners, and vendors. It includes the basic SAP repetitive code fields and expands to include expanded accounting templates that include extended GL coding block fields such as Business Area, Internal Order, Cost Center, Profit Center, etc. Business partner and vendor accounting templates also allow multiple GL accounts. Approval release of repetitive code templates is supported as well.

  • e5 Manual Payment Request with Repetitive Codes™

    This tool provides functionality to quickly create payment requests using repetitive payment templates. All you need to do is select from one of the approved templates and enter an amount and value date!

  • e5 Account Balance and Detail Report™

    The e5 Account Balance and Detail Report displays a consolidated report view of the bank statement opening balance, the transaction detail over a period of time, and the resulting closing balance. The transaction detail can be selected based on posting date, value date, Bank Transaction Code, Note to Payee information and even item amount. This gives the user powerful flexibility for interrogating bank statement detail. This report also allows the user to include multiple accounts and drilldown capability into the G/L Account and bank statement display transactions.

  • e5 Manual Payment Request Upload™

    This utility allows a user to upload an Excel spreadsheet template to the system for creation of free-form, vendor, and customer payment requests. The tool leverages the e5 Manual Payment Request engine on the back-end and inherits all of the extended functionality provided by that tool.

  • e5 Repetitive Code Report™

    This report provides a powerful alternative to searching for repetitive codes. The user can search by various attributes including company code, house bank, account ID, type, bank account, payment method, currency, and even releaser and last changed by information.

  • e5 Payment IDOC Display™

    This report easily finds and displays IDocs generated from the Accounts Payable (F110) or Treasury (F111) payment programs. All IDocs for a specific payment run can easily be identified and reviewed to ensure accuracy or when researching issues.