In-House Bank Suite5TM facilitates the management of payment records from creation through netting/clearing in an in house bank leveraging the SAP In-House Cash (IHC) application.

In-House Bank Suite5™ includes the following seven programs:

  • e5 IHC Payment Trace Program

    This program shows users the status of payments all the way from originating Invoice Company to the paying/collecting company and the external bank reconciliation. SAP provides the infrastructure to initiate centralized payments or collections via the In-House Cash software. This report allows the user to query a payment chain based on a specific point on a chain. The report returns the user a view of all the documents related to the information provided by the user.

  • e5 IHC Payment Reversal Programs

    Multiple Payment Reversal sample programs are provided to provide choices to ensure the entire payment chain is reversed from beginning to end. Avoid inconsistencies and differences developing from just a single part of the payment chain being reversed. This program makes the reversal process systematic rather than manual, which greatly increases overall control and consistency. It’s used in conjunction with the IHC Payment Trace Program. In-House Cash (IHC) payment chain involves many parts such as the Invoice, the Accounts Payable (F110) payment document, subsidiary clearing statement, payment order, payment items, payment request, Treasury (F111) payment document, external bank statement, etc.

  • e5 IHC Payment Orders Upload

    This program provides functionality for mass uploading of IHC payment orders for applicable IHC transaction types. This program supports three file formats: Excel, Tab Delimited or a Comma Delimited File.

  • e5 Cross Currency Cash Concentration Program

    This program analyzes the day-end balances of IHC accounts and moves those balances to either a target IHC account (internal cash concentration) or to an external bank account (external cash concentration) on a daily or periodic basis. This is ideally helpful to ensure consistency in exchange rates for revaluations and addresses the potential for exchange rate differences/inconsistencies that may occur over time (with IHC’s associated GL account balance revaluations). As a result, it avoids gain or loss balance-build up in these accounts. The daily “M” rate is used as a default to perform any currency conversion since the exchange rate used should be the same as the accounting rate of the day to avoid any balance from inconsistent exchange rates.

  • e5 Payment Order Creation

    This program gives users a single consolidated transaction to process the different variations of IHC payment orders. For example, internal IHC payment order vs. external payment order, which generate wire payment requests. The notes to the beneficiary are also structured such to better match what the user might see in a wire instruction.

  • e5 Intercompany Invoice Validation

    This report is designed to streamline the intercompany trade reconciliation process. It helps accounting clerks and controllers easily identify which intercompany accounts receivable or accounts payable items (invoices, credit memos, debit memos, etc.) have matching offsets and which do not. Those items which cannot be matched by the start of the netting cycle will be blocked as to not cause exceptions in the intercompany reconciliation of the netting cycle. The report can be run based on ‘Payables’ or ‘Receivables’.

  • e5 Account Statement Report

    This program allows users to generate a paper statement for the IHC current account balances. It can be executed for a particular date or for a date range and the output report can be generated and saved on a drive or generated and emailed. The program supports three formats: Adobe Form, SAP Smart Form and SAPscript.

  • Note:

    Many of the programs listed are solutions utilized by the In-House Bank Netting FastTracke5TM rapid implementation design and methodology for intercompany netting. For more detailed information please see the FastTracke5 product page.