Tired of paying outsource services and banks to calculate and settle your intercompany payments?

As the need to globalize operations has expanded and the associated cost to manage intercompany payments has exponentially increased, Treasurers have sought new ways to better manage cash and intercompany settlements in a distributed corporate structure where subsidiaries operate in different countries and multiple currencies.

Now, users of SAP have the opportunity to take greater control of their intercompany payment processing with a netting solution that substantially reduces costs while also providing the in-creased integration, control, and visibility essential in today’s challenging global financial environment.

The IHB Netting FastTracke5TM for SAP allows for the rapid implementation of the SAP In-House Cash netting solution with a fixed-price, fixed-scope project. Using the core functionality in SAP’s IHC application and the rapid deployment made possible by the e5 IHB Netting FastTracke5TM, organizations can now implement a solution that greatly simplifies the intercompany settlement process by facilitating the internal calculation of multi-party, multi-currency netting settlement requirements; and do so on a timeline and budget that was previously unavailable. With the addition of available e5 IHC Add-Ons, organizations can further increase the value proposition by extending the solution to include automated seamless integration with SAP’s Transaction Manager, Financial Accounting, and Intercompany Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. This SAP functionality enables organizations to settle their intercompany obligations without the need for external cash transfers where allowed by regulation and in countries where tax or legal regulation requires cash settlement, the solution can seamlessly blend the two together, allowing for total flexibility.