Bank Management Suite5TM helps you automate routine bank administration, provides information and analysis to support decisions and helps establish routine processes to address the issues that plague most companies.

The impact of the global financial crisis has highlighted the critical importance of your bank partners and the value you get from better managing these relationships in the form of access to funding and your ability to mitigate risk despite market conditions.

Unfortunately, the main facets of bank administration – optimizing a bank structure, tracking authorized signers, reviewing bank fees charged and strategically managing bank relationships – tend to be the least automated in Finance, saddling most companies with redundant, error-prone manual processes, inaccurate inventories and authorization profiles, additional cost, increased exposure to fraud and sub-optimal bank relationships.

These problems have historically been magnified for companies running SAP who have had to deal with poorly integrated bolt-on solutions or non-integrated boutique offerings. Until now.

This SAP Add-On software offering provides you with a more comprehensive – and effective – toolset that will help you:

  • Establish and maintain an accurate inventory of banks, branches, bank accounts, signers, authorizations and limits
  • Manage bank fees by exception, rather than having to scour each entry on each invoice
  • Maximize the value of your companies bank relationships
  • Why Bank Administration?

    Rather than just focusing on traditional bank relationship management, Bank Management Suite5TM goes farther by addressing all aspects of your banking relationships that today are plagued by lack of standards and largely manual processes. This broad, deep functional area includes:

    • Bank Structure Management
    • Bank Account Maintenance
    • Bank and Account Policies, Authorizations and Limits
    • Bank Fee Analysis
    • Bank Relationship Management
  • Bank Structure Management

    Bank Structure Management allows your organization to maintain an accurate, up-to-date inventory of bank accounts, bank services and bank contacts to help establish and maintain a bank account structure optimized to the organization’s needs:

    • Store bank account information – including services, contacts, hierarchy, etc.
    • Track the complete bank account inventory
    • Flexible reporting on bank account inventory, bank contacts, bank services and bank structure
  • Bank Account Maintenance

    Bank Account Maintenance allows you to maintain existing bank accounts and the bank account inventory, track bank services and generate/track the correspondence necessary to effect such changes:

    • Open and close accounts and make administrative changes
    • Request/initiate/terminate bank/branch/account services
    • Administrative changes to bank account data
    • Flexible reporting on bank account inventory and structure
  • Policies, Authorizations and Limits

    Policies, Authorizations and Limits encompasses overall authorization policies and a variety of bank/branch/account specific authorizations as well as processes to maintain signatories and authorizations and generate/track the correspondence necessary to effect such changes:

      • Maintain signers, limits and authorizations
      • Attach resolutions, define operational authorities and create bank mandates
      • Flexible reporting on services, signers and authorizations
      • ISO 20022 “eBAM” Messaging
      • The ability to generate paper correspondence for bank relationships that are not ready for eBAM
  • Bank Fee Analysis

    Bank Fee Analysis helps perform due diligence on bank fees and fee invoices (where available) by analyzing bank fee charges and generating exceptions, eliminating manual effort and focusing staff time on exceptions rather than on routine administrative tasks. Bank Management Suite5TM automatically imports and analyzes fee statements formatted in ANSI X12 EDI822 Transaction Set (EDI822) and ISO20022 Bank Services Billing (BSB) formats, along with spreadsheet upload and manual entry for non-standard formats.

  • Bank Relationship Management

    Bank Relationship Management is a set of capabilities that allows your organization to evaluate its banking relationships and consider alternatives in order to establish the most effective set of relationships within practical constraints such as approved relationship tiers or lending facility participation. Bank relationship management culminates in a set of reports that provide robust support for a company’s annual relationship meetings to maximize negotiating leverage.

  • Insight Applied. Value Delivered.

    With Bank Management Suite5TM, you can organize your relationships to boost productivity and better manage all aspects of your banking relationships.

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